Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Ordinary Kinda Day

Griffin stopping out of his busy day to give me a million dollar smile!

Somewhere to Go?

A backpack, a lunchbox and a drum! I wonder where Collin could be headed off too?

A Message for Baboo!

On Bill's first day of classes, the boys wanted to send a special message to Tally! Collin even passed along a virtual kiss! Griffin was more interested in dancing with the sign- can you feel the love!? Hope it was a Happy First Day at FSU for Baboo!! GO NOLES!

The Amazing Race

While Griffin was busy posing for his pictures at church- Collin was entertaining himself by running all over! In the end, it was a race to Grammie, who caught him with arms open wide!

Griffin's Baby Dedication

Griffin was dedicated at First Baptist Church Temple Terrace on August 27th. It was a very special day as we committed him to the Lord and ourselves to raising him in a Godly home. As you can see the congregation made Griffin a little shy, but after the fact, he was back to normal! The dedication came a little late in his life, as the original event was scheduled in New Orleans, the weekend that Hurricane Katrina hit. However, we are very blessed to have found a wonderful church home here that will partner with us to instill a Biblical worldview and solid values into both of our boys!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Collin's "Photo Shoot Too!"

Collin of course had to jump in on all the fun once he saw Griffin posing! What's funny is that Collin unknowingly replicated the same photo that I took of him when he was siz months old! (Putting his lips on the side of the tub!)

Griffin's "Photo Shoot!"

When we lived in New Orleans I had taken tons of pictures of Collin in this old antique bathtub. It wasn't until recently that I realized I had never done so with Griffin. So, one afternoon we spent some time playing around, smiling and taking lots of precious pictures! These are some of my favorites!


Baboo and his buddies!

Best Bro in the World!
Baboo and Collin

Baboo and Griffin
Before Bill left for FSU, we had to take a few pics of him with the boys... (ok, it was more like several hundred to get just a couple of good ones). They adore him so much and we thought it would be nice for them to have some pictures to look at when they got to missing their Baboo!

Play Time at the Park

The boys had a blast one day playing at the park. Collin loved the slide and swinging! Griffin was more entertained by the climbing and running! It was a great work out for us as parents, trying to keep up with such energetic little guys!