Thursday, June 08, 2006

Are You Ready to Laugh?

While Rahul was in Mexico, Collin got a special treat- Nemo Fruit Chews! He was so excited, that he wanted to take some pictures to send to his daddy in an email. Here he is posing with Pearl- they have to be some of the funniest faces I have ever seen- not to mention the bed head, proof of a really great nap!

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was unique because Rahul was on a mission trip in Mexico when the special day rolled around. The boys treated me to some beautiful flowers and lots of hugs and kisses and when I returned home from our time in Wauchula, Rahul had arranged for a surprise all his own- sunflowers and a sweet note as a reminder that although he was miles away, he hadn't forgotten me! Oh yeah, don't you just love Griffin's eyes- is he Chinese?


Even in camo there's just no hiding how cute Collin really is!

Wildest Hair Do of All!

Mom, "I know you want to wait until I am one, but don't you think it's time for a haircut!!?"

Soccer Time!

Rahul spent some time coaching the USF BCM Intramural Soccer Team- Collin always wanted to go along to practice with him. On this particular day it was bright, but extra breezy- Collin enjoyed kicking a spare ball, watching his daddy and Mr. Matt... but, Griffin, well he was far more interested in munching on the mini soccer ball than anything else!

Shelby's Visit!

Shelby and Aunt Doe came for a visit and the boys had so much fun. Here they took a minute from their busy day of entertaining to pose for a quick pic.

Say Cheese!

Collin discovered his love for the camera tonight, when he couldn't stop smiling and showing off... "he's got personality..."

Wrestle Mania...


A Few Of Our Favorite People...

The "HUNT"

Jonathan was the official helper for Collin during the hunt- I am not sure who had more fun!

The Brothers...

Griffin's First Easter

Collin on Easter

Before and After!

The Boys at Church

Collin and Griffin attempt to pose for a picture- But... Griffin is too interested in what his brother made in Sunday School! By himself though, Griffin is into workin the camera!

Easter Sunday

This was our family "portrait" taken by a photographer at church. The boys look less than thrilled posing for a picture, yet again. But for us, it was a priceless memory captured forever!