Monday, May 29, 2006

Saying Goodbye to Disney

We closed out the night with a little bit of the Disney Parade- but had to leave early because Collin was simply so tired. This was his favorite part- seeing Mickey Mouse one last time!

We FOUND Nemo!

We found Nemo, in the most unlikely place!

What A Small World!

Collin really enjoyed riding the boat and listening to the famous tune, "It's a Small World!" He wanted to ride this over and over and over!

Needed Naps!

A busy day at Disney calls for a nap... or two... or three!

Dinosaur Time...

Collin enjoyed all of the dinosaurs and wasn't even scared to ride the triceratops!

Hand In Hand!

This is the sweetest picture ever- Collin and Daddy strolling along, hand in hand!