Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Extreme Disappointment!

Much to Rahul's dismay this was a close as we could get to the new ride! For some reason, it had been shut down for the entire day when we went to get a fast pass for him... maybe next time!

Meeting the Characters

Collin loved meeting all of the characters. Tigger was especially a treat because Collin gave him a lesson in bouncing! They even played a little game together, bouncing around in circles ! It was priceless. Collin of course loves Pooh (The hat gives that away!) and the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood gang. Goofy and Mickey make it high on the list too!

Animal Kingdom

This was Collin's trip that he was promised for his second birthday! We started the day off at Animal Kingdom in front of the famous tree! Then it was on to the Lion King show. Collin said it was his favorite part of the day! We also went on a Safari and saw Collin's favorite animals too: a giraffe, rhinos, and elephants!!

Artist in the Making...

Bath Boys!

This was the first time that Collin and Griffin had shared bathtime together. What fun they had- the floor was wetter than ever, the smiles bigger and the fun- Doubled!

BIG Shoes to Fill!

Collin has a blast wearing other people's shoes. Today, his daddy's flip flops were the big hit. He had quite a time trying to figure out where to put his toes, but after awhile he looked like he was on his way to filling the shoes up just fine!

Musical Collin

Although this is Griffin's toy- Collin spends a great deal of time in front of it too! He pulls up his red bucket, turns it over and starts to play the "piano." While there are only 4 keys, he still seems to make some beautiful music!

Banana Boy!

Griffin enjoys eating a banana for the first time!

Fantastic Four!

It is hard to believe that Rahul and I have been married for four years already! So many things have happened and as we reflect on those times we can clearly see God's hand of provision, protection and blessing. We had a wonderful evening celebrating, although it was a little late (sick kids can sometimes cause even the most romantic of plans to change at the last second)! We enjoyed a feast for royalty at the Melting Pot, while Collin and Griffin enjoyed being watched by Jeremy and Ashley, from the BCM. The food was amazing, but the dessert- well, it left us speechless. I think we should celebrate like that everyday!!

Bath time for Griffin!

Griffin has discovered just how much he likes to take a bath. Some of his favorite things to do are stare at the shower head up above, smile uncontrollably, splash with great gusto and make some of the funniest faces ever!

We Love Collin!

Collin and his buddy Baboo!

Collin hugging Pop-Pop!

Lots and lots of sweet kisses with Grammie!

Power in the Pulpit!

Well, we would have to say that some of our seminary professors would be quite impressed that we already have a preacher in the family! PRAISE JESUS!!

We Love Griffin!

One of Griffin's favorite people is his Pop-Pop. When he sees him, he practically dives into his arms! There is always a smile on his face when Pop-Pop is holding him! Griffin also adores his Baboo- they love to cuddle and play together. And well, of course, there is always time for a snuggle with Mommy!

Sweet Griff

Our Family

Here is our happy family- notice that Griffin is always the one without shoes!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Granny and Granddaddy Shack

Griffin and Collin enjoyed spending some time with their Great Granny and Granddaddy Shack after church. They were all smiles!