Monday, October 01, 2007

FAITH that Touches the Heart!

This morning I received a post from a friend about a blog that had completely touched her heart. She urged others to go, read and be completely amazed at the faith of this family. I took on her challenge and am blown away by their courage, their faith and their love for our Lord even in the most difficult times of their life.

Here's my advice: make sure when you visit their page you have a good bit of time to really start "back at the beginning" to understand their story. ..move your way forward in time with them, ending with the posted video under "Home." Be prepared to cry, weep really, and be inspired to trust God in the same way, to love Him in every high and low, in any storm, during the good and the bad. Then, join me in lifting up Boothe, Conor and Sellers.

May this be as encouraging and awe inspiring as it was for me and may you walk away more determined to live a life that is sold out for the Lord! Praise be to Him now and forevermore!


Blogger Sarah said...

What an incredible family. The strength of the Mom is amazing. I was truly touched by her faithfulness. Even in a Mother's worst nightmare, she turns to God. She knows He has a plan and she knows it's ok to hurt. I'm really inspired by the faith and love for God of that family.

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