Sunday, September 30, 2007


The other night at the grocery store our boys spotted this new ice cream. They got so excited that we decided it would be ok for a little sweet treat!

The following evening they were ready for dessert time!!
Just by looking at Collin's face you can see that dinner was spaghetti! He loved the Dora ice cream!
Griffin appears to be enjoying it, however, he never took a single bite! I was shocked!!


Tuesday evening I lead a Girl's Bible Study- "Gift Wrapped by God." One of the girls in it, Gretchen just got engaged. So I made her this fun cake with her new initial on it. We joked that it could stand for Pena (her fiance's last name), for purity (after our Bible study) or pearl (which is what her name means and also what the decorative P is made out of)!

Some fun bridal napkins! I can't wait to see Gretchen in her gown!
Despite Griffin's refusal of the Dora ice cream, he chowed down on the leftovers from this cake without any hesitation! Chocolate! That's my boy!!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha Collin looks like he's excited about that ice cream and Griffin looks like he's hyper from just eating it - hahaha that's funny that he didn't even eat a bite!
That cake looks really pretty! nice! You did good! ;) I"m impressed, 3 kids and still able to do that - you ROCK!

9:06 PM

Blogger Rick & Heather said...

Annie! I am so proud of you! I don't get the sugar reaction your boys do. But that Dora ice cream looks like it would be a real hit.

That was also a very cute idea for the cake. How sweet. Nothing like a very young blushing bride to be.

10:03 PM

Blogger dee said...

the look on Collin's face is priceless...Griffin looks like he's so excited WooHoo!!! You are so thoughtful and creative, I agree with Andrea...3 kids and still creative!!!!!

6:56 AM


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