Monday, September 24, 2007

Fruit Puffs!

Sunday afternoon Eden had her first experience eating fruit puffs. We hesitated giving them to her, but she wants to eat whatever we have on our plates and will often pitch a fit because we won't give in. This seemed like the perfect compromise! Check out her reaction to "big girl food!"
At first I tried to put it in her mouth, she wasn't really sure about it!

Then I decided to let her explore. She was fascinated that they were sticking to her hands and also a bit frustrated that she couldn't quite manage to get them into her mouth!

Finally, she did it and she hasn't stopped since!! ;-)


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! Too cute :) Those fruit puffs are cool :) haha!

10:10 PM

Blogger Rick & Heather said...

Fruit puffs are a life saver. Jack loves them but has learned that he is not eating the same thing we are. Now we just give him a chicken bone and he soooo happy. I have a great pic of one of those sticky fruit puffs stuck on his forehead.
You little girl is sooooo sweet. I hope I get a chance to smooch her cheeks before they go back to normal.

9:23 AM

Blogger The Agarwals said...

Is there a trip to Florida anytime soon for the Henderson family?!

7:16 AM


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