Saturday, September 22, 2007


While Rahul was busy with some testing, I took the kids to Wauchula for the weekend. On the first night there the boys enjoyed corn on the cob for the first time. I know, I know- it must seem like I am terrible mom - but I remember learning in seminary (when I worked at the preschool) that there is little to no value in corn, so I never really made a fuss over it when the boys have refused it at the table.
At any rate, Collin thought it looked really good on Pop Pop's plate, but wasn't all that impressed when he tried it for himself!
Griffin looked a little confused with it...
so Grammie tried to help out- but he wouldn't even take a bite! Seriously, not even a taste!
Eden had a good time in her exersaucer- which Pop Pop conveniently turned and turned and turned. That motion made her so sleepy!! Check her out here cuddling with Baby Bop!! She was completely in a daze!

After the kids were tucked in bed, my brother called me on my cell. We talked for over an hour, when I finally said, "Are you in your car?" He came up with some witty reply (something like 'I'm on my way home from a friends house') and I left it at that. We chatted for a little longer and then told him I was hitting the sack- he just said, that's cool, we'll talk later...

At 3:30 am Eden woke up for a random bottle feeding and I stumbled through the dark to the kitchen with her in tow. I noticed a lump on the sofa, but figured my mom had fallen asleep on the couch and never made it to the bed! Anyways, I made Eden's bottle right next to a wallet and keys on the counter that were pointed out to me when the sun actually rose that morning.

At the first glimpse of light, Collin bolted from the bed to go see his Grammie and Pop Pop, only to come inform me that there was a surprise in the house. He blurted out, "BABOO'S HERE!" To which I replied, "Stop teasing me Collin!" and thus began an "argument of sorts." Me explaining that Tallahassee is too far away, Baboo is busy and on and on, while Collin just smiled. His expression clearly told me that something was up- so I humored him, followed him to the living room, where under the pile of blankets my brother slept!

SURPRISED would be an understatement!

The entire conversation we had on the phone had occurred during his drive to Wauchula! What a sneaky brother.

It was actually one of the best surprises I've had in a long time! My brother and I have always been close, but ever since he's moved away to college our relationship has really deepened. We have the best conversations about life, spiritual growth and maturity, my kids of course and our love for the Lord. As I was in Wauchula, worrying about Rahul and all his testing, it was so comforting to have Bill there! What an awesome little bro' I have!!
After Collin's big reveal, he did a little cutting with Grammie. Try teaching a lefty how to use right handed scissors! He told us he liked to snip the paper. And snip he did! So much so, that he ended up having to sweep up his mess!! Child labor, I know!


As you all know, Collin loves to make funny faces, but when his Baboo is around this new passion intensifies!The wink!
The big tongue!
The mini tongue!
Getting some pointers from Baboo!
Being dubbed second best tongue sticker outer in the family!
I don't what this face was supposed to be besides completely silly!
Ha! This was a good expression too!
Ahh... he loves to play with Bill!

Eden loved to play in her food!!
And the boys enjoyed cooking food! (Peanut Butter cookies to send back for Bill and his roomies)

Griffin also loves to play around with his uncle.

They love to tickle each other!
It can get a little silly (and LOUD) when they are together!
Griffin attempting to pose!
During Collin's quiet time (his equivalent to a nap) Bill went back for a little visit. These pictures really show how much Collin adores Bill (and maybe even vice versa)!!
Just hanging out...
and reading of course!
Eden took some time out of her busy crawling and pulling up schedule to pose with Baboo...

and play with his nose
and his hat!
More snuggle time for Collin!

Of course, we had to sneak in the sibling pic before he returned to Tally!
A slightly goofy one...
And the really, really goofy one- yes, extreme tickling occurred in the making of this photo!
It hadn't been too long after Bill left that Eden pulled up all by herself for the first time! My mom was busy folding laundry and apparently, Eden was wanting to get in on the action!

I love that she looks like she is standing on her toes!

Collin having some more reading time in Baboo's room!
Oops, he spotted the camera!

Playing outside
and swinging with Grammie! I love Eden's face in this one!
Eden loves her Grammie!
While Eden was happily enjoying her relaxing ride, Collin was loving the stump in the front yard! It was a perfect little seat!

And just the right height for jumping!
I tried to get Griffin to come over for a picture, but this is the best I could get. He was hot and ready to go in- imagine his little voice telling me, "No picture Mommy, Inside!" That's how it went, until Carrie came over!
They had a great time playing ball with her!

And finally, Collin "climbed" his first tree all by himself! He was so proud and wanted me to take these pictures to show his Daddy what a big boy he is!
What a super fun trip!!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

THat's so awesome that Bill came over! cool! He's such a cool brother/Baboo :) That was a fun action-packed post! I love all the pictures! I love the really fun pic of you and Bill (that last one) :) Fun!

9:51 PM

Blogger dee said...

Hey you forgot to mention the "FUR"

11:55 AM

Blogger Doris said...

Great pics. Eden is growing so fast! Really miss you all. All I could think of when I saw the picture of Bill with
Eden touching his nose, was watch out for the nose! Babies sure can cause a lot of damage!

2:25 PM

Blogger Rick & Heather said...

Whoa! What an awsome surprise. I would absolutly cry my eyes out if my little brother came to see me out of know where (mostly because he would have riddin his motorcycle for 10 hours). That so cute! I love all of the pics of the kids. The boys are so handsome. They look like they are having waaaaay too much fun.

Do you know the results of Rauls tests???? I have been praying for him. Let me know, K??

9:56 PM


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