Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, I would say that I am officially addicted to blogging, as this marks the 500th post I have made! I can hardly believe I have found the time to make so many entries! Whew, I sure hope you enjoy keeping up with our family!

This collection of Eden is being posted for 2 reasons!
1.) The last "weekly" set she just looked so sad in everyone of the photos. I could hardly bear posting them, so these are much happier ones! I will tell you though, we completely discovered the reason for her lack of smiles...which leads me to reason #2!

2.) I took Eden to the after hours pediatrician Friday night when Rahul and I decided that something was just not right. We suspected an ear infection, when in reality it was a bad case of a sore throat. However, since it was not strep- no meds were given. I had only been home about 20 minutes from the doctor however, when she started throwing up. The entire weekend has been this crazy ride of her feeling ok then suddenly being back down in the pits again. That's why these pictures are so surprising! They were taken on Sunday morning, while Rahul and the boys were at church. Eden, though hardly eating was as happy as a lark! She was cutting up, crawling all over the place and giving me some gigantic smiles! She is one tough cookie!! Check them out!

Crawling into Mommy's lap!
Deciding what to do next...
One of her favorite new things to do- it's a mix between a clap and praying hands position. It's so cute because she typically locks her fingers together and bounces up and down, smiling the whole time! It's really good for melting your heart when you see it in person!
Here you can see a little of the action that goes along with it...
I think she was trying to carry a tune as well!
Then it was time to take a trip down to Griffin's room:
Still teething!
Eden loves the talking vacuum!
She started getting really silly!

I love her expressions in these two pictures! We see them alot, but it's one of the first times I've snapped at just the right moment to capture those cute little grins!
Please pray for Eden. Today she has kept down everything she's eaten, but you can tell she isn't back to normal yet. Rahul and I are scheduled to go to a conference in Atlanta on Wednesday morning. We are so looking forward to this trip and the learning experiences that will come along with it- not to mention a little couple time! I am going to have a hard time leaving a sick little girl!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

awww... poor Eden :( We'll be praying that she feels better soon!! She's adorable in those pics... I love her new "clap n' rock" thing - sounds adorable - and the pics are way cute :)

9:10 PM

Blogger Rick & Heather said...

Poor baby! That's no fun at all! We will definatly be praying for sweet Eden. She has the cutest smile ever. I love the way she smiles with her gums together. It makes her cheeks stick out. It's so cute!

9:12 PM


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