Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Princess Polka Dots is 34 Weeks!

Eden Grace officially turned 34 weeks today. She had a rough start this morning and was a little sleep deprived when I was able to whisk her away for a few minutes. She is still trying to get "back to normal" after several super crazy weeks. However, she perked up a little when I took her outside in her hot pink polka dot dress! Who wouldn't feel better in something so bright and cheerful?!

Getting warmed up for the camera!Then came the puppy dog lip (or in her case, the puppy dog face)!!Ah, at last something to smile about!Then she realized she was being "stalked" with that lens againand promptly decided to make a run for it- only to be distracted by the grass!It looked so tasty!Eden thought she should take at least one bite!But, her Mommy is fast, both at snapping the moment and rescuing her from eating the lawn!But, it was worth another try! Honestly, it was a good attempt!Little did she know however, the length of my creativity! I just laid her down ON the grass! See, how sneaky is that?! No green distractions from this position!

Then it was time to do a little standing- and cutting up!

Yes, I know, some members of my family will likely faint that Eden was outside, in the yard, WITHOUT shoes on! But hey, this was more than a photo shoot, it was a science lesson too! Every girl needs to feel the grass beneath her bare feet!
Then came the personality that is EDEN GRACE!
Lots of talking
and singing
and really awesome expressions! By this time, Eden was so done with the camera she simply decided to exit the premises all together!!

Happy 34 weeks little princess and may week 35 be much, much happier!!


Blogger Anthony and Sharon said...

Love the green grass with the pink polka dots:)
That last picture the expression on her face is TOTALLY Collin! The question is, do they both make that face because Mommy or Daddy used to make that face?'s gotta be in the genes!

5:29 PM

Blogger The Agarwals said...

It's definitely a Collin face! And I am fearful to admit that all the "talking" they seem to do with their eyes and expressions comes 100% from me! :-)

5:33 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

It looks like she is starting to take after Baboo already [with the tongue!!]. But even with her tongue out she is the most beautiful and happy little girl!

5:28 AM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

Oh man I would would be really happy in that dress. I love the ones of her singing and talking. What expressions! I feel like I know this little girl so well. Thanks for doing such a great job with the pictures for all of us to enjoy.

8:55 AM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! Those grass pics are great!! I love the "I want to eat grass" pictures - too cute!! I agree with Sharon - I was totally going to say that Eden was making a Collin face in one of those pics :) Too cute! The pics where she's laying down in the grass and smiliing are very cute!!

12:03 AM


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