Thursday, October 25, 2007


Life for Eden has been rough as of lately- she was sick for a couple of weeks, we were both out of town for the Catalyst conference and her reflux has been giving her a fit. She's just been a little out of sorts. All that said, it was just last week that we finally got around to introducing peaches into her diet. What's the white stuff you might ask? Plain old yogurt or a dilemma that we have found ourselves dealing with every time Eden is in the high chair! The doctors suggested that we give her yogurt at mealtime while her throat was sore and to benefit from the first she wasn't too fond, now it's about all she wants to eat- besides fruit puffs! Veggies- yeah right! Nothing stands a chance at even slipping past her lips unless she can visually see the white yogurt on the tip of the spoon. I think we have one smart cookie on our hands (certainly not a spoiled one?!!)!

Getting ready for the introduction!
The first bite- it kinda fell out- I think she was telling me with her eyes "Add that yogurt and I'll open up my mouth!"
This is what happens when you are trying to catch a "first" moment and your hubby isn't available!
See, the yogurt makes it all better!


Blogger Heather Henderson said...

PLAIN YOGURT??? Yucko. How funny that you try to video, take pictures and feed your child a new food! You must have a third hand strapped to your back that you pull out at all the right times.

Your girl is soo sweet. I can't imagine her being anything but happy.

10:29 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

PLAIN YOGURT??? YUMMO!! :) I eat that stuff like crazy!! It's very popular here :) We use it any place we would normally use sour cream (we don't have that here unless we make it oursleves)... but I've definitely grown to love it! Go Eden Go!! That's so funny that she likes it so much! :) Awesome! I want some of those peaches :)

3:01 AM

Blogger The Agarwals said...

I'm with you Heather- plain yogurt- icky!! But, she loves it!! Perhaps it's the Indian coming out in her- I never thought of letting the boys use it in place of sour cream- hmm... Andrea keep your eyes on our blog, I have some serious pictures that will confirm my comments about serving Mexican food with slimy white stuff!

7:01 AM


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