Saturday, October 13, 2007

Family Day at the Park

Since Rahul has been on out of town trips for a couple of weeks, we thought it would be great for our family to escape to play! After a brief lunch appointment about a missions conference this weekend, we took the kids to this awesome park and had such a blast! It was refreshing and rejuvenating, even if the temperatures began to rise as the day progressed!

Rahul decided to show the boys he's really just a big kid at heart (as if they needed a reminder)! I love this picture, simply because the boys are running wild and their Daddy is so high up!
Rahul's face clearly tells me that I should have had the camera pointing at Collin and Griffin!
Collin found these little green things all over the ground and persuaded Griffin to help him pick up as many as possible. I wasn't sure exactly what the fascination was, but it made for some great brother memories (and pictures)!!
Anybody know what they are? Please tell me they aren't poisonous! Here is our big 3 year old ! I can't get over these pictures and how much he has grown over the past couple of months! It blows my mind!
I guess you probably already figured out that this was Collin's prized possession for the day! In fact, his pockets were overflowing with them by the time we left! The boys had been wanting to play with their sidewalk chalk for sometime, but the rain has been making that a little difficult. Finally, they got their chance!!Collin had something very important to tell his Daddy. It probably went something like this, "Daddy, I found these really cool little green things. I want to take them all home with us. Can I...please?"
Griffin is all boy- all 2 YEAR OLD BOY!While we were at the park, Griffin found this rather large "ball." He fell in love with it. He actually became territorial- if we even thought about walking up to him, he got upset. While he was hugging it, he discovered his shadow. It was so fun to watch him explore!
They have these incredibly awesome swings at the park. Griffin took a turn with his Daddy. How fun!

Then there was Eden- our little princess, who actually loves to be outdoors (and in the grass)! In the pictures above, she was intently looking at something when she heard her Daddy call her name..Hence, the big smiles that followed!
The two of them sat in the grass and played for a long time while I drew on the sidewalk with the boys. Every now and then I would look up and catch sweet moments like these!
Eden is in love with her Daddy!As you probably know from earlier posts, Eden seems to think that grass should be on the food pyramid! I thought it was funny when I looked over and saw Rahul handing her a single blade of it- hopefully not for a snack! Oh, but then there was the nose dive. I am still wondering if she consumed some of the lawn with this one!
Eden took a turn on the swing with both her daddy and her mommy. She loved it! (So did I!) I'm putting in a word to Santa that we need one of these in our back yard! :-)
What a fun day we had, just relaxing and enjoying the company of one another! It's nice sometimes to get away from the craziness of life to just sit, swing and play and be reminded of the richness of life and the many, many blessings from the Lord!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

FUN!!! I love the Griffin shadow pictures! Those are awesome! I LOVE the brother pictures too!!! Eden loves that grass hunh? That's fun! She seems to really love being outside :) I loved seeing pictures of you too :) That was fun :)

4:23 AM

Blogger dee said...

Annie the shadow thing is funny while they were staying with me Griffin actually chased his shadow...

7:50 AM

Blogger SouthAsiaRolls said...

Wow there are soooo many unbelievably cute awesome pictures to count in that one blog post. You guys look like a commercial for chewing gum.

10:33 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Sooo have you considered entering your kids for the GAP Kids model search??? Because these pics are further proof that they could do it! lol

they are amazing! And so are you!

10:47 AM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

That is so fun! family play days are the BEST!!! I love the sidewalk chalk picture. I can't believe how territorial he was. That is adorabel!

9:52 PM


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