Thursday, October 25, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is the second time I have led a group of BCM girls through the Gift Wrapped By God Bible Study and as always, it is amazing! I am constantly in awe of how powerful our Lord is and how He truly desires to change our hearts and our lives to be more like Him! This week part of the lesson focused on the negative images that the world feeds us about sex - the authors describe it in terms of a garden, asking you to evaluate how many weeds (lies) the world has fed you about sex and how many beautiful blossoms are growing, representing the truth about God's desires and plans for it . Often times, the weeds have overtaken the garden. What's needed? Some pulling, some pruning and some prayer! (Can you tell I've been to seminary? I think I just identified three P's in a row-without even thinking! ha!) Anyways, the whole idea is that God does not desire for sex to be a bad, dirty and unclean act. Rather it is to be beautiful, spiritual and God honoring when done in the context and confines of marriage. The weekly exercise challenged the girls to allow God to remove the weeds and to begin to understand how to live out this lifestyle of purity, depending on Him to help face a world that promotes sex in light of that which it was never created to be! Whew- did I really just post all of that?!
At any rate, I made these little flower pots for each of the girls that simply said "Dear God, Uproot the weeds and replace them with blossoms of purity."
It is my prayer that each one of them has been able to allow the Lord to work in their garden, teaching them the beauty of His perfect plan, restoring them to purity and giving them countless blossoms springing forth with second chances, new beginnings and a desire to live out a lifestyle of purity!


Blogger Heather Henderson said...

Wow. You really DID just post all of that. How funny that you were able to identify the three "p's" without even thinking about it.

What a great idea. How old is this group of girls that you are leading. I don't think you can start this too early.

Great job Annie!

10:26 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

YUM!! And yes, I can tell you've been to seminary :) haha! I was thinking about sem the other day and how you were pregnant and stitting through Dr. Norman's class early in the morning! I don't know how you did it! I"m impressed :) You ROCK!

2:57 AM

Blogger The Agarwals said...

The group of girls are all college students from the BCM, but we just had this discussion the other night and think that high school junior and senior girls could handle the material. I would highly suggest that you get this book and read through it if you are involved in any ministry with girls. It is amazing. It offers info on every hard to discuss topic and it does so all on the foundation of God's Word! They also have a married couples version called Intimacy Ignited based on the Song of Solomon... it's just as good!
Andrea, those seminary days were one crazy experience- I remember that we were in New Testament when Collin kicked for the first time- I grabbed Rahul's hand and put it on my stomach- I bet the teacher (who was it now??) thought I was nuts... or how bout the time that Collin was sick and I couldn't miss class, so he went to the Dr. Jackson's in the stroller with us! Hence, the Collinator was born! Fun times! Fun times!

6:57 AM

Blogger elizabeth said...

Your "garden snack" is so fun and so visual... it will definitely be a memory that the girls won't forget! Shannon and I worked in the college-age single adult ministry in Florida and I miss those girls... so much! Sounds like the book your reading is definitely worth checking out...

5:37 AM


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