Tuesday, April 03, 2007

USF Faculty/Staff Picnic

This was the 24th Annual USF Faculty/Staff Picnic. Rahul was recruited to participate in one of the many softball games held that day. He had to arrive early for some practice and warming up....

By the time we arrived, the first game was nearly over- this is about all we saw!

The boys had a great time in the stands

and playing a little catch with their Daddy in between games

Eden was content just sleeping the day away, even though it was her first real outing, besides her well doctor check ups!

Griffin wanted to try out Daddy's BIG BOY glove!

There were lots of vendors there giving out free food, Collin really enjoyed the smoothies, as you can see from his mustache!

He also wanted to get his face painted for the first time!

He wanted to be a LION! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...........................

Daddy was the pitcher!

Rooting him on- one of his biggest fans!

Hey Batter, Batter- Swing! :-)

Eden still sleeping- I don't think she ever really woke up!

Rob, an old FSU BCM buddy of Rahul's, who also works at USF

After the game, running the bases with Daddy!



Griffin never tagged home base, he was too busy being distracted by the yellow ball!!


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