Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Luis Palau Festival

Rahul and my mom took the boys to the Luis Palau Festival that he has been helping to plan for months and months. They had the chance to meet Larry and Bob...

to get crafty...

...to hang out

and have lots and lots of fun...


and bouncing too!!
There were also concerts at the festival. Rahul and Bill went back in the evening to watch Toby Mac, one of Collin's favorite artists! When he realized that they had gone without him (it was raining and chilly) he was devestated and cried for some time. So, in the next post you'll see what Baboo brought back as a special surprise. The festival was a complete success- God used the speakers and the musicians to speak to the hearts of many and lives were changed for eternity!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

THat's so cool that Toby Mac was there - that's awesome! I love that paint craft thing - I remember doing that as a kid - I LOVED it!! haha fun memories!

5:47 AM


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