Friday, August 24, 2007

Gotta Love It!

There are a couple of things about this picture that I love so much!

1.)The first and perhaps most embarrassing thing- the boys clothes! This was the morning after we got back from Miami. We arrived back out our house at nearly 1am and the boys were sleeping so soundly there was no way in the entire world we were going to wake them up to put on pj's!!
2.) Rahul and I were so tired from the weekend that we were kind of stumbling around the house wondering where the boys had gone (and why it was so quiet!) Only to find them here, admiring their sister and telling her good morning in such a special way.
3.) The fact that although most days they would get in trouble for climbing up the side of the crib, today we ran for the camera! Slacker parents, I know! But really, isn't this a moment worth remembering forever!

By the way, here is what they were so focused on:

Notice Collin's hand and of course Eden's knee- thanks to all her crawling attempts, this is what they look like. Maybe we should consider knee pads! ha!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Cute pics totally!! You know, they sell a lot of baby knee pads here, i can always send you a pair :) (Concrete and/or marble floors are pretty rough on the knees) :) haha! Your boys are so cute - they really love their little sis :) too cute!

7:37 PM


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