Friday, August 24, 2007

Build A DINO!

Just like Grammie, Dadiji decided to treat Collin to a special prize for being such a big boy (being potty trained that is)! In Miami, they have a Build a Dino option and of course, Collin loves dinosaurs, so it was a perfect match. Here are a few pictures from our second "building" experience.
Picking out the perfect one
Getting Rayan's approval
Waiting to "bring him to life" with Dadiji
Adding all the fluff
Making sure he was just right
Cleaning him up
Naming him... Soccer Champion! Yes, that's his name- we now have Freddy Teddy Agarwal and Soccer Champion Agarwal. Whew, our family is growing indeed!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Build a Dino?? That's awesome!!! Adam thinks that's the best thing ever! And I LOVE his name - Soccer Champion is definitely creative - haha! Too cute!!!

8:11 PM


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