Friday, August 24, 2007

Gelato Rocks!

Nothing is better than something cold when you're walking around in 100 degree heat!!

That's how we ended up with some awesome gelato while enjoying the views at Bayside.

We asked Collin what flavor he wanted- you might expect chocolate or vanilla to roll off the tongue of a three year old-but not our boy, he requested a fruity one- mixed berry to be exact!
Griffin wasn't so adventurous- he opted for plain old vanilla! (Check out Eden's foot!)
Rahul had to have 2! Just kidding- one was mine. I had coffee (of course!) and he enjoyed Nutella! It was so yummy, I started to rethink my favorite flavor!

Eden chilled, took in the sights and sounds and kept her foot propped up like that for I don't know how long! At least she was comfy!

So intent on that cone! YUMMO!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

FUN! They have a lot of ice cream and Gelato here and Gelato has definitely become my fave :) Yum!! I love how Eden has her foot all propped up - too cute!! haha!

7:45 PM


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