Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Sunday afternoon Grammie, Pop-Pop and G.G. came for a Labor Day visit! They even spent the night! Woo Hoo! The kids always love when family comes to town because it means lots of extra attention, laps to sit in and people to show off for! :-)

Eden took a special interest to G.G.'s lap! She was so happy whenever she was there!

I have just fallen in love with these pictures! I think they display such love between a Great Gran and her little great granddaughter!

The boys wanted to smooch on Eden for a minute!
Labor Day morning, my dad (A.K.A. Pop Pop) spent a good bit of time playing with Eden
and then G.G. was helping her practice her standing skills! We were so surprised at how good she was getting- I think the expressions explain it perfectly!

And can you believe that's it? No other pictures from the holiday weekend? I feel like such a slacker! Here's the run down of the days activities- just in case you were curious! We planned on eating lunch at Bagel Bagel (a yummy cafe that we used to go to in Tallahassee that just opened up a branch here) but it was closed! I thought Rahul might cry! Literally!! So, we opted for Crisper's instead...it was good, but nothing like the TBCC! Then the girls went shopping at our massive Jo-Ann's store and G.G. got lots of really awesome stuff to make all kinds of goodies! She is so creative! I pray that each of my children inherited some of her talent!! The boys went to CompUSA - surprised right?! Then of course we came home and grilled some amazing burgers, enjoyed the company of family, tucked the kiddos in bed and got ready to watch the Noles game...I think I'll leave it at that!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Man! That's so fun! That sounds like a very fun day!! Awesome! Those pics are GREAT! Too cute! Eden is making some faces I haven't see before either - too cute!

11:15 PM

Blogger BILL! said...


5:59 AM

Blogger Rick & Heather said...

hmmmmm. Nothing more to say, huh? You guys have a real problem with clemson I think. Was this the 3rd or 4th loss in a row to them?
GG's hair was terrific in the one of her helping Eden stand. HA!

3:26 PM

Blogger The Agarwals said...

I guess I'll have to leave the Clemson comment alone! Although if you ask my brother he'll say there's still one play left!

10:54 AM


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