Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bedtime Funnies!

When I went to check on Collin one evening he had fallen asleep "reading" his Bible as usual. No, that doesn't mean it's boring, it just means he's super tired and all those pages can really wear a kid out! I found it kinda funny that the pages were just standing up in the air!

Here's the other angle! Yes, it looks like his arm might have been holding it up, but I checked, it wasn't! I think it had more to do with the ceiling fan than anything, but fun nonetheless!
When I went to check on Eden, this is what she was doing- pulling up again- even after the lowering of the mattress! I watched her for awhile and she made me so nervous, I took her out and put her in the playpen to sleep, until we could take it down another notch!

P.S. There are no pics of Griffin because he's a pro at going to sleep and once he's down, you don't mess with him! A flash on a camera could result in a wake up and a very grumpy boy! We'll save the funny pics of him for the daylight hours!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

how funny! That's great! Collin is like Rahul in Sem classes :) Eden is an escape artist and Griff is like a cute little hibernating bear :) I love how they're all so different :)

11:22 PM

Blogger Rick & Heather said...

That is so cute. I caught Jack doing the same thing. He gets stuck standing though and really gets mad about it.

How precious that he likes to fall asleep "reading". Caroline is the same way. But she would read all night if I didn't put a stop to it.

3:28 PM


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