Thursday, August 02, 2007

Shopping!! Ugh, for groceries!

While this wasn't Eden's first trip to the grocery store, it was her first time riding in a cart- It was a girls morning out- note the empty parking lot!! I think it's safe to say we might have been the first customers at Publix! She absolutely loved the view and was completely entertained by all of the bright foods and packages. It was clear that her favorite aisle was the cereal one- she went nuts!! And for any fashion police out there- her shoes really do match her outfit, you just can't see the pink, yellow and green butterfly for all that stinkin blue!


Blogger Anthony and Sharon said...

Funny...I didn't even notice the shoes until you said something...I was too busy wishing I could go to a Publix! HAHA! Oh Florida, how I miss you!

9:32 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Publix is the best grocery store EVER! Eden looks so cute! You can sorta see the butterfly in that last pic :) - I love her shoes!

10:06 PM


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