Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rock -N- Roll Baby!

A campus organization that shared a room with the BCM for orientation at USF purchased Guitar Hero for the incoming students to play. Since neither of the groups has an XBOX in their buildings, they told Rahul to bring it home! Oh, the perks of ministry right? So, now our kids beg everyday to get a few minutes to rock out! This weekend, before Bill went back to Tally, we had a serious competition! ha!! Here are some shots of the fun that was had!

Griffin getting some help from Baboo!
Rahul jammin' out!
Yes, even my mom got in on the fun! My dad and I did too, but no one captured those moments (and for that I am so grateful!!)


Blogger dee said...

Go, grammie, go grammie go... (Grammie the Rocker!!!)

12:24 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

DUDE! That ROCKS!!! We've been wanting to try out Guitar Hero! That's so cool!! We'll have to come over an play soon :) (haha! by then there may be some other hot new game out :) haha! Awesome!!!

2:21 AM


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