Thursday, August 09, 2007

Collin and Jake

My parent's next door neighbors, Mr. George and Mrs. Kay, have a dog that Collin absolutely adores. Everytime we go down for a visit he begs to go and see Jake. One evening while we were outside, letting the boys play, Collin caught a glimpse of the dog running around the neighborhood and got so excited. Mrs. Kay promised that when Jake came back she would bring him over for Collin to pet. She didn't disappoint!! It wasn't long before there was a knock on the door and here is what transpired when we went outside...

I just love everyone's expression in this pic!!

Collin petting Jake!

And posing with him too!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

I love Collin's face in that first picture :) - so cute! :) A boy and a dog - great pics :)

4:04 AM

Blogger Anthony and Sharon said...

Cute should get him one of his own;);) Also the mention of the Kay and George Heine is making me miss home and 7th grade geography! How weird is that?? Gotta be the pregnancy hormones...

1:43 AM


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