Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Daddy's Day!! This is a long one.....................

Well, father's day started out on a sweet note- Ham and cream cheese stuffed french toast- a recipe Collin found and wanted to make! It sounds a little weird, but it was actually really tasty! Then it was off to church- a wonderful surprise- just as we were about to leave, a boy who Rahul has been investing in rode up into our yard on his bike- and when we offered for him to come to church with us, he accepted. Please pray for Jeremy.
Once we got home, we kept the celebration going- of course we had to pose for some "Candid" pics with Daddy!!

Rahul and Collin- cutting up- AGAIN!

Rahul and Griffin

Daddy and his little girl!

Inside, the boys wanted to get right to the gifts

but Daddy had to sneak a kiss from his little sweetheart!

Then it was time to start unwrapping!

Please notice a few things:

1. The gifts are wrapped in Cars paper!! (To personalize them, each one of the presents had a sticker of the respective child's favorite character from the movie- Collin's - Lightening McQueen, Griffin's- Mater and Eden's- Sally!)
2. Griffin is completely unconcerned with what Rahul is doing- but is actually more interested in opening the present for his daddy, all by himself!

Collin's Gift

Griffin's gift- yep, he refused to let Rahul open it!

But, eventually, he did let him have it!

The strange faces must run in the family!

Eden's gift- now you see, everyone had to lend a helping hand!


Right before Bill left for Summer Missions he helped me get the kids all ready for this photo session- Trust me, with 3, 3 years and under, you don't want to venture out on something like that all alone! It wasn't too bad during the actual session, but afterwards, well, it got a little wild- but we'll keep the craziness between me, the kids and their Baboo! In the end, it didn't matter, cause we had these really cute pictures to surprise Rahul with!

(One of my favorite things in this one, is Eden hanging onto Griffin's foot!!)


Then- the fun gift- the one the boys picked out for their daddy- an explanation will follow- I promise!

Rahul can add this Transformer Potato Head to his growing collection- He currently has a Darth Tator and a Larry Boy one on his desk!

But, clearly, the boys really wanted the toy for themselves, because it took all of 5 seconds before they were trying to rip into the box! They did manage to wait until after nap time though to open it and play- for hours- with their Daddy!

Oh yes, and Father's Day would not be complete without :

Homemade cards from the boys- not to rival Adam's construction paper creations!

Yay for Father's Day and praise God for a husband who is an amazing and devoted father - who loves his children so much, who enjoys spending time with them, rolling on the floor, cuddling in bed with books, and teaching them about the Lord! Nothing could be sweeter to me!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Looks like an AWESOME Father's Day! I love the pic gifts! Too cute! They're great!! THat's cool about Jeremy too! The boys made GREAT cards too :) VERY cute :) I like the glitter touches too :)

12:26 AM

Blogger SouthAsiaRolls said...

Excellent Cards! I love that Transformers Mr. PotatoHead! How funny! Those pics are so great!

2:16 AM

Blogger Rick & Heather said...

I have been waiting for your Father's Day pictures. I knew you HAD to have some. That is so special. Annie, you are a wonderful mother and I can tell that you are an awesome wife too.

12:01 PM


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