Thursday, June 07, 2007

16 Weeks

Eden Grace is 16 weeks already! She did roll over twice this week- so whether we should call that mastery of a skill is up for question. She also has found the joy of playing with her feet. She loves to hold them and kick them up in the air to amuse herself. If I'd let her, I think she would chew on them too!! Of course she is still doing that drool thing, only multiplied by a billion, since the last time we posted on her progress!! There has to be a tooth in there somewhere! On this particular day, her 16th week birthday though, she wasn't feeling all that well. In fact, she still isn't- Which accounts for the 4 pics, instead of 24 pictures that I would normally post! Please keep her in your prayers- in addition to her not feeling so well (which results in sleepless nights for us all), she is still battling the reflux issue. We have an appointment tomorrow morning (Friday) at 10 and are praying that the GI doctors will be able to help her in some way! We'll let you know how it goes when we get a chance. Thanks!


Blogger Rick, Heather & the crazy kids said...

Poor baby girl! Sleepless nights are no fun! We just finished 6 weeks of ear infections with Jack. Let us know what the Dr says!

9:31 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Eden looks so much like Collin in that first picture :) She's so cute :) Poor cute little girl!!! I hope the Doc Goes well today... :)

12:02 AM


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