Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sarah's Surprise Party

Well, this party had been in the works for quite some time- the BIG 18- for Sarah, our awesome cousin! And, she promises, she had no idea! We got there early to get things all in order, but of course, the boys were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. They spent the first bit of the time chillin on the floor and munching on some chips- anything to keep them busy while we decorated!

Griffin was so intent on those chips, he wouldn't even stop to look at the camera!

Collin paused for just a second!

Rahul loved the decorating!! Hmmm... this is just too weird!

Signing the infamous scrapbook!!


She's here! FINALLY!!


Collin was right there waiting for her!

With a hug and a kiss!

And so was Bill- well the hug anyways!

Baboo teaching Griff to be a pyro!

Wanting some of that crazy chocolate cake!


The birthday girl getting a taste test of her cake!

Now these are some new shades!!


Baboo giving Griffin his first tastes of orange soda...which he loved!

Or did he?

Something was funny!!

The girls...

Look at that drool! I think she spotted the cake too!

Sarah and Rahul - this is typical- having too much fun!!


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Looks like fun!! Man!!! That chocolate cake looks AWESOME! :)

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