Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ok, so I think this will be my first blog void of pics and trust me, if there were any you simply wouldn't want to see them! But, since we celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday- it was only fitting that Monday brought about a reminder of my very special role!
We were still visiting with Shalin and wanted to take him over to the International Mall just to hang out, grab a bite to eat and chill. We picked a horrific time to go- putting us right in the middle of Tampa's incredible rush hour traffic- we then proceeded to miss the exit- ok, I'll confess on this one- I told Rahul the wrong exit! Ok, now that we've been all honest- the story can go on.

After a very long time stuck in traffic, Eden was convinced she no longer had any more patience. Call this road rage at 3 months, but she blew up! The quickest solution, a Taco Bell parking lot, where we spent 15 minutes trying to settle her down by persuading her that all the cars were going to move out of our way, or her daddy was going to sprout some wings and fly us there!

An hour or so later, we finally arrived at the mall- only to find, that yes, there were hardly any parking spaces- ANYWHERE!!
Fast forward 15 more minutes, when we finally found one, way out in the back forty... we get out 2 strollers, a humongo diaper bag, cups, bottles, you know the drill and head towards the mall- FINALLY!
We decided we should eat first, to tame the tummies inside the kiddos- and thus squelch any bad behavior before it even had a chance to begin- so we casually strolled into the food court for a quick and let me stress our desire for a QUICK meal! Griffin had other plans! We knew something was up when he wouldn't tell us what he wanted to eat, only crying instead.

Rahul and Shalin settled on a slice of pizza for Collin and some Japanese stuff for us (Although I question how Japanese it really was since Rahul came back with a healthy portion of mac n cheese!!) At any rate, no longer had we settled down to enjoy this feast, that Griff, who was now in my arms decided he would share his entire lunch with us... up it came and with force, some might say projectile in nature!
And there it was grilled cheese and broccoli all over the floor of the food court, with people around us quickly trying to bag up their meals and move and me sitting there covered in a good bit of barf, trying not to lose my stomach and apologizing like crazy to all who could hear!
Rahul is scrambling for napkins, Shalin is in shock (you know uncles aren't accustomed to this kind of thing), Collin drops his slice of pizza on the floor (and this is no place for the 5 second rule) and Eden begins to scream at extremely high levels! Apparently, she was suddenly hungry and her wails said "I MUST EAT NOW!"

Our only reprieve was this out of the world, low fat, creamy gelato, (gelato, which was the only successful purchase of the day and in fact, what we ended up making a 3 or more hour trip to enjoy) Shalin picked up for us on the way out and of course Zout, which amazingly removes any and all stains from a mother and son's wardrobe!
Surprise, Mother's Day arrived one day late!!


Blogger SouthAsiaRolls said...

I'm glad I can take your word for it on this one. HAHA. Happy late Mother's Day. It definitely sounds like one to remember.

10:23 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That's a great story :) I can picture it too :) haha! That's great!

10:33 PM


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