Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Florida Aquarium

After church and a quick lunch at Jason's Deli, we headed over to the Florida Aquarium for a fun fish filled afternoon- it was a birthday treat for Griffin from his Dadiji.
The Gang

Griffin and the alligators- he wasn't a bit scared!

But they did flinch when we did the "Chop!!" Go Noles!
Upside down jellyfish- who knew?

Check out the size of this fish! How would you like to catch that sucker?!!

Another random but neat pic

This pic was for Collin- a Puffer Fish "A.K.A. Bloat" and a Ray "A.K.A. Mr. Ray!" WOW!

Griff at the touch tank- be careful not to get that Toby Mac wristband (or as the boys call it- armband) all wet!

Collin was able to pose- for a very brief second!

You might never believe this is the best pic of the boys together inside the shell! Well, considering they are boys, maybe you would!

Eden's turn!
Mommy and Eden- we did much better than the boys!

Collin was amazed!

Collin and the fish
Eden gets her turn again!

Griffin and Cha- Cha
Having way too much

You would never believe how long it took us to locate this single fish!! Both of the boys were not going to settle until we Found NEMO!

Daddy taking some time to play with Eden - she was laughing at him!

Tossing a coin, making a wish!

The extremely cool water play park was :

So Sad!!

Next time we are planning on being pirates!

Eden wasn't too concerned- she was just begging for a nap!

The classic souviner coin- Collin was able to turn the handle all by himself!

Here's my coin!

Griffin needed some help! The boys under "Mr. Ray!" (Nemo fans will understand!)

I love Collin's pose in this pic!!

Cha-Cha with Griff


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! Those are some great pics :) Looks like a fun-filled day :)

10:59 PM

Blogger Anthony and Sharon said...

Looks like Cha-Cha and #2 are buddies...makes #2's tend to gravitate's a black sheep thing... just ask Kaelyn Joy!

12:48 AM


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