Tuesday, May 29, 2007

THE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Griffin decided he wanted a Cars party, it was up to me to find the perfect Cars cake. Well, that proved to be a little harder than expected, but Grammie came to the rescue with this adorable Lightening McQueen Pan and all the goodies to decorate it- I've come to learn one thing, it's a lot easier to order it from Publix, but then you don't quite get the satisfaction of knowing that you made something extra special for your child! We just kept saying, it'll be worth it all when his face lights up!

The Cake - "BEFORE"

Tip #1- Don't try to start something like this at 9:47 PM!!

Tip #2- Invest in some gloves

Tip #3- Get busy and don't be a perfectionist, you can always cover up the mess ups later!

Tip #4- Expect your table to look like a science experiment and be prepared to do some serious cleaning up at the end!

Tip#5- Be prepared to use your muscles, all that mixing of icing is hard work!

Tip #6- Expect to do a lot of this

...and this...

...and this!

Tip # 7 - Did I mention investing in some gloves?

Tip #8- Keep telling yourself that despite exhaustion all the hard work will pay off!

Tip #9- Guard your work!

Tip # 10- Make sure you are willing to devote a good 4 hours to the project!

And finally- Tip #11- Make sure you have a sibling or some other significant person around for moral support- even if they aren't right by your side the whole time, they can still remind you of the end result you are trying to achieve!!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha!! THat's awesome :) I'm totally impressed with the cake too :) It's way cool :)

5:59 AM

Blogger dee said...

Annie what a long night but well worth it... glad theres not a birthday for awhile...I'm getting to old to stay up that late

7:27 PM


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