Thursday, April 19, 2007

BCM Vintage Swing Semi-Formal

The BCM hosted a Semi Formal this year and my parents were nice enough to come and watch our little ones so we could attend. It was a blast!

They had hired Swing Dance Instructors who were amazing! The only thing that's odd is how they teach you (I have memories from taking classes with our Transfer Bible Study at FSU)- You never know who your partner is going to be- they just rotate the girls around the room. So, needless to say, Rahul and I did alot of dancing with students.

That's ok though, cause I still got to bring home the best swing dancer there! You see, he already knew how to do it, so he was just brushing up on his incredible skills!! I bet you didn't know that about him- huh?!

Ok, so after awhile, the dancing had gotten to the guys!! Doesn't this just look wrong? Actually, it was syrup for the coffee- but you know Rahul, he can't ever miss a photo op!

YUMMO!! The dessert is served!

And Eaten!

And all those calories worked off!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Man! That looks sooo fun!!! Annie - you look georgous!!!!!! That dress looks sooooo good on you! The color looks good on you too! You look amazing!!!!

3:04 AM


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