Thursday, April 19, 2007

2 Months=Pain!

Well, the time was sure to come- the pain of that first big round of immunizations. The oral one, you know, the one that is painless - that she threw up all over the nurse (along with the bottle she had just minutes before)!! But the ones with the needles she took like a champ, crying for only seconds before she started to smile and coo again!

The boo-boos- Check out the band-aids they gave her! Not exactly the prettiest things you've ever seen!

After some tylenol, Eden decided to crash on her brother's Cars blanket. Sometimes I can't even resist it- it's soooo soft! This is how she spent most of the afternoon, resting! Whew, now that's the one part of the shots I can handle!
P.S. Yes, I know tummy sleeping isn't the best- trust me, I am just as paranoid as the next Mom, but after a good bit of screaming, when this was what comforted her- I gave in-
P.S.S. I sat by her side the whole time!


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