Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Egg Hunts

On Saturday, we went out for a fun day of Easter Egg Hunting! We started off at our church, First Baptist Temple Terrace. The kids had a great time planting seeds and of course, looking for eggs.

Daddy giving the instructions, "Don't take too many eggs. Leave some for the other children..."
Griffin was really excited!

Collin showing where he was going to put his eggs!

Getting a little help from Daddy

Collin putting a flower on the cross...

Griffin ended up needing a little help from Daddy

Then... it was off to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, where there were 25,000 eggs to find! I think there must have been that many people there too- well, almost!

Getting ready!

Hold on tight to Daddy's hand so you don't get lost in this crazy crowd of people!

Look at all these people- We talked about how many people brought their families out that day to celebrate Easter- ok, so they wanted some candy and eggs, but what a vivid reminder, especially at a time like this of exactly who Christ died for- everyone of those individuals racing with their children to collect a basket full of eggs... take a look around you, He died for all those people too! May we never seek to forget that on a daily basis!

And the race is on...

Where's Waldo? I mean Rahul and the kiddos?

Eden wasn't amused by any of this activity! She slept through the entire ordeal!

The boys coming back with their loot!

Checking out what they got

Hiding in the eggs!


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