Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fan Fest

Rahul took the boys to the Devil Ray's Fan Fest while Mommy and Eden relaxed at home. Collin and Griffin were so excited! They've been to a few games since we've made the move to Tampa, but this was a chance for them to get up close to the players and to enjoy some other fun stuff as well. They both left the house with baseball hats- perfect for autographs- and their Devil Ray's lunchboxes (prizes they got when we went with Baboo to see them play the Red Sox). But, as you can imagine, they came home with more loot than they left with- and daddy even let them pick out and purchase their very first baseball cards. I just wonder if it will turn into a hobby now!!

Tropicana Field

One Giant Baseball!

Collin Meets Raymond and...

... introduces himself to the Geico Gecko! Griffin wasn't so sure about either one!

Batter UP!


Our little pitcher!

Griffin was content in the stroller with his oversized baseball!
Checking out the real "rays!"

And it wouldn't have been complete without running the "bases!"


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